Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 17....an interesting start

Wow...yesterday was a rough day!  There is no hiding it. I had some serious nausea and near fainting spells. Not fun at all. The nausea lasted most of the day and the fainting spells thankfully subsided later in the morning. I had been eating regularly and staying hydrated, so the doctors were not sure what it could be caused from after talking with them on the phone. I have had fainting/black-outs before I was pregnant, so I know they are not caused by the pregnancy. It's a mystery as of right now, but I will start writing down when it happens and what I am doing when it happens to hopefully give some clues as to what could be causing it. No worries though! 

Today is a wonderful day!  I slept so well last night since we went out and bought a pregnancy pillow I am able to snuggle up to it and sleep so well. I woke up refreshed and just thanking God for a new day without nausea or sickness.

Cookie is the size of an Onion this week, approximately 5.1 inches in size and 5.9 oz. in weight. Still a tiny thing, but growing quickly as my belly is really starting to show a difference. My baby bump app said that the baby will double in size in the next couple of weeks, so here come the noticeable body changes. Its funny when I thought about pregnancy before actually being pregnant, I thought as your belly gets bigger I would start to look fat and people would be like, "oh man what is she eating". haha  I also was a little frightened about feeling depressed about my body and wanting to stay thin, but the Lord has truly given me an understanding attitude about the changes that are happening with my body and the phenomenon of the female body to carry and nurture a growing human being within us. What an amazing and divinely ordained process! 

One of the great things about pregnancy is seeing my husband bond with the baby bump. It's really sweet when Chris will hug and kiss my belly and talk to baby cookie telling baby how much he loves baby and how excited he is for baby to come along. This makes me smile and cry sometimes, depending on the day and my prego emotions haha

Helpful Hint to other prego peeps....if your belly and body become irresistibly itchy during your pregnancy and you feel like a fool scratching your belly around the office at work b/c you can't help it....go buy some Palmer's Lotion and use it on a daily basis. At first I could not stand the sweet smell of the cocoa butter, especially when I felt like I was rubbing icing all over me, but it has truly helped as it is only going to persist as your belly continues to grow. :-)

Things I am looking forward to the most....my quickly approaching trip to Austin!!!!  I am traveling alone, so I will have to research to see what kind of medicine I can take on the flight to help me travel well and sleep so the time will pass by quickly. Flights are not short from Anchorage to TX, so I chose the center aisles on every flight so I don't have to disturb anyone when I have to go the restroom a million times during the flights.  This will be interesting to say the least. I am in serious need of Vitamin D, b/c if you are not up on your knowledge about Alaska....we don't get much sun throughout the entire winter (7 months of cold, snowy, dark, cold, snowy, dark) so a lot of Alaskans are translucent and depressed b/c we have been without Vitamin D for 7 months, which is the "happy" vitamin. Who would have ever thought of this coming from Texas, but its true, oh so true!  No worries about the depression though b/c we just stay busy cross-country skiing, snow tubing, sledding, or anything active outdoors to help enjoy the winter wonderland and pass the time. Alaska is a beautiful place, especially in the summers (3-4 months of 24 hours of sunlight) which is a complete shock to your body as well b/c you have no concept of time b/c it stays light all day and night long, so you'll find people mowing their lawns at 11 o'clock at night and we thought it was the strangest thing when we first moved here from TX, but now we are the weird-os mowing our lawn at 11 o'clock at night. Alaska has definitely been an adventure and I am truly looking forward to more adventures this summer. You better believe I will be out there camping and fishing with the best of them. To me, time doesn't stop when you are pregnant, instead it is more of an excuse to get out and enjoy the things you love while you can. :-)

I promise I will post some baby bump pics sooner than later. ;-)

Until next time.....Ciao & God Bless!

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